Perfection in every detail

Premium yachts with premium equipment. BAVARIA YACHTS only buys from the best suppliers in the industry.

A BAVARIA is the measurable success of a smart designer

Each yacht of BAVARIA YACHTS is the result of the expertise of international yacht builders, the know‐how of the development team of BAVARIA YACHTS and almost 40 years of experience in boatbuilding.

Work with the best constructors and it will become a BAVARIA

The design and construction of a BAVARIA is a challenge for every yacht designer, because the demands of BAVARIA YACHTS are high. That’s why only the best designers work for BAVARIA YACHTS. The new BAVARIA C57 is designed by Cossutti Yacht Design.

From idea to a finished BAVARIA

The BAVARIA design team spends many hours translating the drawings from the design offices into precise CAD/CAM programs, because later when it goes to the production line, everything has to be a perfect fit. This requires not only expertise but also a substantial measure of experience – there is no shortage among the members of the accomplished BAVARIA team which is evident in every detail of a BAVARIA.


What sets us apart? Many would say it is our yachts that define BAVARIA. We think it is also the people who make this shipyard something special. It's the people who give everything every day to get a little closer to perfection. It is our employees who put all their experience, all their skills and all their passion into a product that deserves to bear our name.  

It is we who make BAVARIA special. Every day, with everything we do, we are proud that We are BAVARIA!