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Diego Martinez
Rich matches boost employees' savings, support recruiting

Employers that match more than dollar for dollar are rare and some companies offer non-elective contributions to improve recruiting and retention.

Adam Gillett
European managers aim to hold line on ESG fees despite costs

Money managers in Europe are gathering more assets but facing higher costs and lower fee revenue streams from ESG funds.

Richard Bruyere
EU updates broaden availability of private strategies

The latest changes in European regulations ease the way for money managers to market private asset strategies in Europe.

Ethan Samson
Redemptions curbed from non-traded REITs

Blackstone, other alternatives firms pursued retail investors — and now are rationing exits.

Joseph Sumberg
Galvanize's real estate team connects compensation to net-zero objectives

At Galvanize, the team's long-term incentives are now on the line if buildings in portfolios aren't decarbonized.

Katie Selenski
Departing CalSavers' leader tackled lawsuit, pandemic while launching state-run retirement plan

Katie Selenski took California's state-run defined contribution plan from launch to a savings plan with $478 million in assets and 417,822 savers.

Sustainable energy
Despite backlash, sustainable investment opportunities soar

Tuning out the anti-ESG rhetoric, institutional investors globally are charging ahead with opportunities to finance a sustainable future.

529 plan offering FDIC-insured accounts unfazed by banking crisis

My529, a Utah-based 529 plan, said the banking crisis has not affected its comfort in working with two banks to offer FDIC-insured accounts.

Mellody Hobson and John W. Rogers Jr.
Part Two: Ariel’s latest initiatives target emerging markets value, seek to bridge racial wealth gap

In the second of a two-part series, co-CEOs John W. Rogers Jr. and Mellody Hobson discuss Ariel's new emerging markets value team and Project Black.

John Rogers Jr. and Mellody Hobson
Part One: Ariel’s co-CEOs share their Buffett-style approach to investing during market turbulence

In the first of a two-part series, Ariel Investments' John W. Rogers Jr. and Mellody Hobson said the times are right for a value focus.